AEI delivers its 100th 737-400 freighter conversion to ASLB

Feb 1, 2018, 07:00 AM

Aeronautical Engineers (AEI) has delivered its 100th Boeing 737-400 SF freighter conversion, with the special aircraft going to ASL Aviation.

The aircraft is the 13th AEI 737-400 conversion to be redelivered to ASL, and it has an additional four undergoing work or scheduled for modification in 2018 at Commercial Jet’s Dothan, Alabama facility.

AEI president, Roy Sandri says: “This milestone represents another important achievement in AEI’s history. The AEI B737-400 SF has been an exceptionally successful freighter for not only ASL, but for all of our leasing and operator customers world-wide.”

In the coming weeks ASLB will receive four of these AEI 737-400 freshly converted to Freighters and which are currently undergoing their C-check prior to delivery.

With soon 22 B737-400 SF in its fleet of which 14 AEI and 8 IAI conversions, ASLB is the largest operator of that Freighter type in the world.