In 2000, TNT Airways is created in Belgium and operated from Liege Airport. TNT Airways started to work with BAe 146-300 and Airbus A300. This transformation brought the company to an extension from an European to a Worldwide coverage.
In 2003, the group introduced their first Boeing 737-300
The name TPG is discarded in favor of TNT. The TNT brand is used globally to increase worldwide recognition
In 2006, the group introduced their first Boeing 747-400
TNT announces a separation proposal that will see the company being split-up in two independent entities: TNT Express and TNT Post (renamed PostNL).
TNT launched a new brand identity. The new brand highlights TNT’s dedicated employees and unique European road network.
In 2016, ASL Aviation Group acquires TNT Airways which joins the ASL portfolio of 9 other airlines in Europe, Africa and Asia. Rebranded as ASL Airlines Belgium, the Airline signs a multi-year service agreement with the new Fedex/TNT combination.
In 2017, ASL Aviation group was renamed ASL Airlines Holdings and is still operating from Dublin.
ASL launches a new destination in their portfolio connecting Liege to Jinan (TNA) three times a week

About ASL Airlines Belgium

ASL Airlines Belgium operates worldwide using B737 and wide body Boeing 747-400ERF freighters on scheduled flights under its own brand and for major express integrator customers. The global network includes major hubs in China and the United States.

The airline operates an extensive European narrow-body freighter network for FedEx-TNT based out of the Eurohub in Liège Airport, Belgium. In addition to its own fleet, the airline also manages various third-party airlines providing aircraft for this network.

ASL Airlines Belgium was formerly TNT Airways. The airline was founded in 1999 and acquired by ASL Aviation Holdings in May 2016. Supplying the FedEx-TNT combination European network with the required aircraft numbers and aircraft types to meet their ever-changing network schedule remains the airlines main activity. ASL Airlines Belgium’s customers include Express Integrators, freight forwarders and companies with demand for air cargo solutions.

ASL Aviation Holdings

ASL Aviation Holdings DAC is a global aviation services group based in Swords, Ireland, just 10 minutes’ drive from Dublin Airport. The group consists of multiple companies including 6 airlines (7 airline operations) maintenance facilities and a number of leasing entities.

ASL’s airlines operate under their own brands and they also operate passenger and cargo networks on behalf of major international customers including express freight integrators and passenger airlines.

The group has a fleet of circa 130 aircraft made up of 17 aircraft types from the ‘jumbo’, Boeing 747-400 freighters, to the smaller ATR 42 turbo props.

In 2019 ASL’s airlines operated 77 529 flights or 212 flights per day, 365 days of the year. The airlines carried 5 100 000 passengers and 700 000 tonnes of freight on flights that totalled 186,130 hours. Overall reliability across the Group fleet was 97.6%.

While some of the group airlines were founded more than 40 and 50 years ago, ASL Aviation Holdings’ foundation essentially began in 1998 and the company has been profitable every year since its incorporation. In 2017 group revenue exceeded U$1 billion.

ASL employs 2 500 people globally from 51 different nationalities.

Life @ ASL

Service is delivered by people and only by people. We need to realize that whatever great plans we may have, we need our people to be behind us to support our ambitions with dedication, commitment and competence.

So, our service is only as good as our people. We need to find the best ones, with the right knowledge and motivation.

Working at ASLB means being a part of a service-oriented, global operation. It is a unique environment that thrives on process excellence and a 'can do' mentality. We are passionate about everything we do, and we care equally about our people and our customers.


"My working life has spanned 3 continents, 6 countries and a number of different companies. In ASL Airlines Belgium I’ve found a truly international company with a diversified multicultural team. "

Todd Hildreth

Commercial Director - Belaircargo

"Since I’ve started working at ASLB I’m having the feeling that I’ve been pushed forward by the greatly skilled, positive and motivated people working there. This doesn’t only apply to the crew I’ve been working with but also to all the people in every department of the company who are always pleased to help, all of this creates a unique ambiance which makes me say that it’s a place I really like to work at. "

Guillaume Auvray

FO B737 - ASLB since 2018

"I was hired by TNT in 1999 as soon as I graduated. I started as a tour guide during the night operations; and thereafter as a receptionist during the office hours. A few years later, a vacancy for a secretary to the new Legal department was opened. Over the years, I have gained experience in this specific area: aviation legal related; and was promoted to Paralegal. I have gone through many adventures for the last 20 years, most of them exciting; the most recent example being the sale of the airline to the ASL group, with new challenges to be faced. I keep on developing my skills on a daily basis and work independently in a dynamic environment whilst our worldwide business runs around the clock. Most of the staff is dedicated to this striving company. Our facilities are pretty comfortable. The company also offers some friendly advantages. One last step forward in my career advancement and I sign for life ;) "

Deborah D'Onofrio

Paralegal Advisor - ASLB since 2000

"ASLB has surprised me on how well they welcome new joiners in the company. It is fair to say that the company today is big, but they managed since my first day to incorporate me right away as one of them. Quite a lot of people came my way during my induction, and it was shocking to see how much everyone was putting personal effort to introduce me into their world by making me feel at ease. People in general under estimate how much the mood and support at work is a vital key to a happy life. If this is what you are looking for, ASLB is the ideal place for you. On the operations side, the cargo business is a very dynamic field. ASLB is working hard to further expand themselves, a lot of changes and opportunities are coming. We feel that the energy we put in our work serves a purpose and is not wasted. "

Bertrand Franssen

FO B737 - ASLB since 2018

"I was hired by ASL a little over a year ago (Nov’18) as Flight Data Monitoring Analyst in the Safety Department whose main objective is to ensure the Safety environment and flight operations in the company. As FDM, we are (mainly) in charge of the data acquisition out of the Quick Access Recorders placed in each aircraft (and/or the DFDR=black box) in order to analyse ALL flight routine operations from our 3 fleets. We make sure that flights are conducted at the highest safe standards within a Just Culture policy (non-punitive culture). I work in a remarkable and motivated team and the atmosphere in our department is excellent, reflecting the image of the Company. I’m really happy to work here !! "

Barbara De Spirlet

Safety Engineer - ASLB since 2018

"ASL Airlines Belgium gave me the opportunity to start my pilot career on the Boeing 737. The company provides me with multiple ways to grow as an airline pilot, both on our short and long haul network. My colleagues and myself form a strong team and ensure that our valuable payload is delivered on time, while we work in a positive atmosphere. Being able to fly to the smallest and largest airports in Europe, and discover their cities during day stops adds a special touch to my magnificent job! "

Cédric De Weerdt

FO B737 - ASLB since 2018

"With 9 years of seniority within the company I’ve experienced the TNT World before the acquisition of TNT Airways by the ASL Airlines Group. Our work environment is outstanding: besides the view on ramp in a nice building we are also working for a dynamic and fascinating sector. We are a company big enough to invest in people and small enough to keep a family spirit. Surrounded by competent people, I constantly have the chance to learn and progress which makes each day different and fun!"

Audrey Vandegaar

HR Adviser - ASLB since 2010