Current scheduled flights operate to and from:

PVG – Shanghai – 4 Rotations/week

TNA – Jinan – 3 Rotations/week

JFK – New York – 3 Rotations/week

Air Cargo Sales

ASL Airlines Belgium operates scheduled overnight services to more than 60 destinations throughout Europe.

Expedited overnight airport to airport transportation is our core competency.

In addition to our European air network, we operate a long haul network connecting points in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas with B747-400ERF aircraft.

Airport to Airport Linehaul Services

Courier Solutions, General Cargo, Interline and Mail 

Specialist Services *

Sensitive Goods, Perishables, Dangerous Goods, Artwork, Live Cargo, E-Commerce, Pharma, Cars & Oversized 

* Specialist Services are subject to sector and aircraft type operated.


ASL Airlines Belgium operates charters worldwide utilizing the in-house fleet of B747-400ERF, B757-PF freighters and B737-300SF freighters.

Additionally ASLB uses a B757-PCF combi to provide solutions incorporating 8 positions of cargo and 82 passengers usually for music tours and product launches wherever cargo and passengers travel together


ASL Airlines Belgium provides ACMI (Aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance) services to other air carriers. The Advantage is to provide these with flexible capacity to ramp up capabilities on relatively short notice.

Additionally ASLB provides CMI (Crew, maintenance, insurance) services for carriers with an aircraft in their inventory but that require flexibility in crewing.